KAVACODE - GRAINES DE SOL, its subsidiaries and affiliates (“we”, “us” and “our”) use cookies and similar technologies to distinguish you from other users when you use our websites and online services ("Websites"). This helps us to provide you with a good experience when you access the Websites. We do not collect personal information from you through the cookies that operate on your device when you interact with our Websites.

This policy explains how we use cookies and the choices you have. Except as otherwise stated in this policy, our Privacy Policy will apply to our processing of the data that we collect via cookies.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that gets downloaded onto your PC, phone or other device when you visit our Websites. They generally contain two bits of information: a site name and a unique user ID. Once the cookie is on your device, our Website "knows" that you have been there before and can then use that knowledge to tailor the experience that you have.

Why do we use cookies?

The Websites we operate use the technical information contained in the cookies to understand how you interact with our Products and to measure their effectiveness. For example: cookies can help us understand how people use our Websites, analyse which parts you find most useful and engaging, and identify features that could be improved.

Cookies help to improve the security of our Websites, as we can determine inconsistencies between devices used, remember the settings you apply for your use of our Websites and as such personalise your experience, and continually improve the way in which our Websites operate for you.

Cookies also allow us to make our marketing more relevant for you as we can better understand which of our content and/or products you are interested in. We also use cookies to help measure the performance of ad campaigns for our Products. For example: We use cookies to count the number of times that an ad is shown and to calculate the cost of those ads. We also use cookies to measure how often our users do things such as click on or view ads.

You will be asked to consent to the storage of cookies on your device when you interact with one of our Websites. There may be limited instances where some of our Websites do not operate optimally if you do not accept cookies. In some cases, you may not be able to use our Websites if you do not accept cookies as some are required for the site to operate.

Different types of cookies

The different types of cookies that we may use on our Websites fall into the categories described below. These descriptions can help you determine if and how you would like to interact with our Websites:

Required cookies

Required cookies enable basic site functionality and follow your progress through the Website. These essential cookies have to be enabled, in order for you to browse our Websites and move between pages. We are unable to identify you personally by using these types of cookies.

Anonymous visitor statistics cookies

We use cookies to compile visitor statistics such as how many people have visited our Websites, what type of operating system is being used (e.g. Mac or Windows) so that we can identify when our Website isn't working as it should, how long you spend on the site, what pages are viewed etc. This helps us to continuously improve our Websites. These “analytics” cookies also provide anonymous information about how you reached the site.

Social networking and third party function cookies

Our Websites interact with social networking websites so that you can easily “Like” or share our content on websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. You should refer to the privacy policies of these social networking websites to understand how they use your personal information.

Embedded videos such as from YouTube operate through cookies and if you turn cookies off, this type of video will not work.

Site improvement cookies

We regularly test new designs or website features on our Websites. We do this by showing slightly different versions of our Website to different people and anonymously monitoring how our site visitors respond to these different versions. Ultimately this helps us to offer you a better website.

Advertising and remarketing cookies

Cookies are used widely for online advertising. Neither we or our advertising partners can obtain data that can personally identify you from these cookies. We only work with advertising partners who work to accepted privacy standards such as

You may notice that sometimes after visiting our Websites or other websites, that you see increased numbers of adverts from the site you visited. This is because advertisers, including ourselves pay for these adverts, which are known as “remarketing cookies” during your visit. We use these adverts to tailor offers that encourage you to come back to our Website.

You can opt-out of almost all advertising cookies at Opting out of advertising cookies will not mean you won't see adverts, just simply that they won't be tailored to you any longer.

Turning cookies off

You can change how cookies are stored on your machine by clicking on the 'Tools' menu in your internet browser for your device. You can also learn more about cookies by visiting the third party website which includes additional information on cookies and how to block cookies using different types of browser. For more information about these controls, visit your browser or device's help material. Certain parts of our Websites may not work properly if you have disabled browser cookie use.